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Bachman Lake Community School


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Univision Dallas, Channel 23 News
“A Model School”

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Now back here in the Metroplex, a school in the Bachman Lake community has become an example for institutions throughout the country and beyond our borders as well, and many would like to copy what is being done here.  This school is concerned not only with the education of the children, but also with that of the parents, and it offers courses for low income parents.  Educateurs sans Frontières and members of the Association Montessori visited the school today to learn a little more about this innovative project, which is helping so many families.

Diana Gutierrez, a mother who is benefitting from the programme:  “She comes to my house once a week, for one hour, and sometimes longer, to work with my daughter.  She talks with us about the plan for each week, and how we can work with our daughter.”

Many Hispanic families have benefitted from this unique programme.

North Texas eNews
Bachman Lake Community School held as model institution for international educators.


Bachman Lake Community School (BLCS) is a parent education programme funded by grants from the Zero to Five Funders' Collaborative, the Rainwater Charitable Foundation, and Early Head Start.  It serves 140 children and their parents from pregnancy to age three.

Located in the heart of a high need neighborhood, the programme operates out of apartments in two large apartment complexes where many recent immigrant families live. BLCS offers an approach to parent outreach and education that incorporates Montessori principles and concepts.
The programme includes:
Montessori Weekly home visits from bilingual parent educators to provide information about the child's development and help with parenting skills
Montessori Periodic developmental screenings
Montessori Group meetings, information sessions, and leadership training for parents
Montessori Field trips and family activities
Montessori Health, dental, and mental health services


Bachman Lake Community School is one of three institutions operated by East Dallas Community Schools. The school has an outstanding record of educating children from primarily low income families of diverse cultures for more than 30 years.

In a recent interview, the Bachman Lake Community School Executive Director, Terry Ford stated that "In the Bachman Lake neighborhood, less than half the entering freshman graduate as seniors in high school. Our experience in East Dallas documents that children who attend our Montessori programme through the third grade have increased high school graduation rates of 94%, with 88% of those graduates attending college."

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